November 18, 2015

The new CD-DVD "Korrontzi Dantzan" was presented today at a press conference. In it you can find the choreographies that in recent years various Basque choreographers have created with the music of Korrontzi. This work has involved different dancers and dance groups, as well as several guest musicians, but also in the "Learn" educational section, you can learn to dance the choreographies. On the other hand, the "Korrontzi Dantzan" in practical variant, the project will tour that will visit different places  in the Basque Country, as well as Madrid, Barcelona and Holland. And although there are many closed concerts, the tour is still open to all stakeholders. The concert, that is previously worked with some rehearsals, will show not only the music of Korrontzi with its dancers, but also the local dance group or local dancers in collaboration. This is just the beginning, so… LET'S DANCE !!!

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